Crafts Glass & Mosaics Glass Art & Mosaic Supplies Stained Glass Supplies
Stained Glass Sheet Variety Pack of 10- 7" X 4" Pieces of Premium Glass!!!
(4) LBS 60/40 SOLDER - Stained Glass Supplies
1/8 Round H Lead Came (6 feet) - Stained Glass Supplies / Lead came projects
Glastar Glass Foiler for copper foil - Stained Glass Supplies
BLUE Stained Glass Pack (4 Sheets of 8X10) Stained Glass Sheets
3 Pairs of Replacement Tips Rubber for Running Pliers Stained Glass Supplies
Canton High art courtyard mosaic unveiled today
Mendez has been teaching visual art at Canton ... foot high mosaics with a practicing artist. A grant from the Canton Alliance for Public Education (CAPE) afforded the school funds for tools and glass. The unveiling of the Garden Gate Mosaic Project ...
'Koramangala warming up to mosaic art'
Tesserae literally means the tiny piece of material that goes into the making of a mosaic. It's a store that has bits and pieces of art and craft, all handmade ... The store houses unique mosaic, stained glass and terracotta accessories ranging ...
Mosaics, jewelry, felting and more at Arcata Artisans
This month the Arcata Artisans Cooperative Gallery is featuring work by conceptual artist Jeff Langdon, artist Jeannie Fierce, who “paints with wool,” mosaic and glasswork artist Barbara Wright and jewelry artist Michael Edwards. The public ...
Medford students make mosaics
MEDFORD—Three thousand mosaics ... and counting. Since 2005, students at Memorial Middle School have been cranking out mosaics like nobody’s business. That is when Nancy Ohotzke, the middle school’s art teacher, learned the craft and began to pass on ...
Studio D Mosaics in Berkeley Announces Full Roster of Mosaic Art Classes
Studio D Mosaics offers art classes in a welcoming, friendly environment where the mosaic hobbyist and artisan alike will ... Studio D Mosaics offers a full roster of classes from tile mosaics to 3D and glass mosaics. And if you don’t see quite the ...
(12) LBS 60/40 SOLDER - Stained Glass Supplies
10 ea one pound rolls 60/40 solder by Eagle Solder
Scrap Glass 13 Lb Box (great for Mosaic )
(50) Horseshoe Nails Farriers to Hold Lead PROJECTS TOGETHER Stained Glass item
7/32 X 1/2 U Zinc Came Channel for Stained Glass 48 feet
Scrap Glass 15 Lb Box (great for Mosaic )
15+ lbs Scrap stained glass FREE SHIPPING
12 Stained Glass Sheets.- All Different Mixed Colors.-4 Sq. Ft. 6" x 8" each
Classic NeutraClean Flux Cleaner - 8oz
Horseshoe Nails Farriers to Hold Lead PROJECTS TOGETHER Stained Glass free ship
Stained Glass Supplies Steel 2 Inch Horseshoe Nails Box of 50 for Lead work
1/8 U Zinc Came (30 feet) Stained Glass Supplies
8x5 Red Variety Glass Stained Glass Sheets -: 6 Sheets
u-channel lead came: 66 feet; channel width: 5/32"; facing width: 3/32"
Stained Glass supplies Box Jig free shipping
Scrap Stained Glass 3 LBS For Mosaic/Other Projects Assorted Texture/Color/Size
Stained Glass Variety Pack 25 Pieces 4 Square Feet Assorted Sizes
SUPER STAR 2 GLASTAR Model G12 Stained Glass wet grinder 115v
NEW - 3 Rolls Venture Regular Copper Tape 7/32 Stained Glass Foil
Horseshoe Nails Farriers to Hold Lead PROJECTS TOGETHER Stained Glass free ship
NEW ITEM - 3 Rolls COPPER BACK Copper Foil - 7/32" (Venture Tape) Stained Glass
(2 pack) 6 x 8 inch Stained Glass Sheets - CLEAR Glue Chip - (single chip)
Spectrum & Wissmach Stained Glass Packs (8x10 or 6x8 Sheets)
Stained Glass Sheet Emerald Green Waterglass Transparent Spectrum MOSAIC
Novacan Old Masters Flux Stained Glass Supplies
Morton Glass Works
3/4" Aanraku Twofers 2 bit set - Stained Glass Grinder Bits 100/120 Regular Grit
Novacan Black Patina for Stained Glass Lead & Solder - 8 oz.
(Box of 30) Clear Glass TRIANGLE Bevels 1 x 1 x 1 inch Bevel on Top Flat on Back
1 x 4 inch Clear Glass Pencil Bevels (10 Pack) Beveled on top
7/32 inch SILVER BACK Copper Foil Tape 36 YARD Roll SILVER on Adhesive side
Pink Iridized Stained Glass sheets 12" x 10" Pink and white irid. streaky
You Choose Makit &And Bakit Plastic Baking Crystals Christmas Suncatchers Bowls
5/16 Venture Copper Foil for Stained Glass - 1 mil - 36 yds.
Variety MIX of Tinned Copper Wire. 3 Sizes. 16, 18 & 20 Gauge Rolls (4 oz each)
Glass Running Pliers
Vented Brass Heat 4" Vase Cap for Stained Glass Lamp Shades and Repairs
Beveled glass - 10 half circles (3 x 1.5 inch)
Stained Glass Sheet Assortment. 8 Different Kokomo Mixed Colors.-4 Sq. Ft.
Glass Pro 1 in Running Pliers Quality Stained Glass-Fused Glass Tool tip covers
#165 Stained Glass Sheet 15 Pieces 3-4” To 5-6” Assorted Lot Color Texture NEW
Mouth Blown GLASS RONDEL Stained Glass Supplies ~3.75" Focal Jewel Mosaics Round
2 LB Whiting Powder for Stained Glass Putty / Cement Cleanup
Handy Hangers for Stained Glass Projects - Bag of (10)
Stained Glass Supplies Novacan Black Patina for Copper Foiling 8 oz Bottle
Stained Glass, Silver Granite, Spectrum SHEET
1 Roll Copper Foil Tape Single Adhesive Strip For Stained Glass 5mm Copper Faced
H LEAD CAME-3/16" ROUND-6ft (Rolled & Bagged) (Free Shipping)
5 ea. 50/50 solid wire Stained Glass Solder in 1 pound rolls
Lot Of 12 Stained Glass Pattern Books/Magazines - Vintage - 1980s/90s
Novacan Copper Patina for Solder Stained Glass Supplies 8 oz
5 large pieces/sheets of stained glass for stained glass making
Gryphon C-40 diamond band saw
LEAD CAME KNIFE Stained Glass Supplies Cutter Pro Brand by Leponnit Tools
( 5 feet ) Small BLACK Jack Chain 18 Gauge
Seedy, Double Glue chip, Hammer and water Clear Stained Glass Sheets 12" by 10"
30mm Faceted Glass Jewels for Stained Glass ~ 13 Colors Available!!
You Choose Makit &And Bakit Plastic Baking Crystals Christmas Suncatchers Bowls
4x8 CLEAR TEXTURED Glass Variety Pack 8 Sheets 3 & 4mm Stained Glass Supplies
Stained glass supplies & scrap glass lots of color. medium flat rate box full.
Stained glass supplies/tools lot of 6
Smooth, granite, and water texture Red Stained Glass Sheets 12" by 10"
Stained Glass Variety Pack - (6) Sheets 8x10 - Random Colors
Seedy, Double Glue chip, Hammer and water Clear Stained Glass Sheets 12" by 10"
8 PACK Single Glue Chip 6x8 Sheets 3mm Clear Stained Glass Supplies 3mm
U-Flat(G60) Stained Glass Lead Came. 1/4" Facing with 5/32" Channel - 30 feet
Stained Glass Supplies ~ Copper Foil ~ Black Back ~ 7/32 inch ~ 36 Yards ~ New
Glass Breaking TOOL: Choice Spring Loaded Breaker Grozier Pliers (Blue)
Glass Breaking combo Choice Spring Loaded Breaker Grozier & Mini Running Pliers
lot of 3 vintage stained glass jewels - aquamarine color blue green
3/16 Round U Lead Came (6 feet) (RU 70) - Stained Glass Supplies
Stained Glass 5/32 Zinc Cascade Came U Channel 12 ft (4qty-3ft long)
Mouth Blown GLASS RONDEL Stained Glass Supplies ~3.75" Focal Jewel Mosaics Round
30mm Faceted Glass Jewels for Stained Glass ~ 13 Colors Available!!
Night Light Kit Supply Bulb Brass Clip 6-12 Pack White Switch Fuse Stained Glass
(Box of 30) 2 x 2 inch Square Clear Glass Bevel ~ Flat on Back Beveled on Top
10 Lbs. Stained Glass Pieces For Mosaics & Small Projects
Mosaic Tiles for Crafts 480 Pieces Assorted Stained Glass Mosaic Tile Supplies
8 oz Novacan Old Masters FLUX for Copper Foil Solder and Lead Stained Glass
Stained Glass Supplies - Glastar Foiler for Copper Foil Holds 2 Different Sizes
Beveled glass - 4 triangles (4inch), 2 circles (1.5 inch)
(5) - 1" Dichroic Bevels - Stunning colors
Jax Black Blackener Patina for Iron, Steel & Nickel - 16 oz.
Green Earthy Stained Glass sheets 12" x 10"
SOLID SPUN BRASS VASE CAP ~ 1" to 8" Diameters ~ Lamp Parts ~ by PLD
12 Assorted Stained Glass Jewels - McIntosh Rose Pattern - 1-1/2 Inch Square
Piper's Pattern Paper 10-Pack Pre-Cut 8 1/2" X 11" Printable Self Adhesive Thick
4 Rolls Copper Foil 2-3/16"x36 Yds Black Coated, 2-7/32"x36 Yds No Color New
Large pieces/panel of stained glass for stained glass making lot of 7 blue & whi
BLUE GREEN EARTH Kokomo Iridescent Opal Stained Glass SHEET or Mosaic Tiles
8" x 6" Stained Glass Sheet - Pink & White Wispy Iridized (Spectrum 608-8 irid)
(2 pack) 6 x 8 inch Stained Glass Sheets Pink White Wispy
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DIY: Paint chip calendar
Summertime is the perfect time to catch up on all of those craft projects that you’ve been pinning on Pinterest. Being able to create something useful and aesthetically pleasing on a small budget is extremely useful to know, especially for a college student.
A call for artists
The focus will be on quality fine arts and crafts including woodcarving, pottery, oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, mixed media, china painting, jewelry, quilting, photography, stained glass and more. The show is open to artists 18 years of ...
Ed Hoy, owned stained glass business, 1920-2013
Concentrating on stained glass, Mr. Hoy's business took off ... and in 1984 he produced a 176-page catalog featuring tools, chemicals, pattern books, glass, jewels, glass cutters and hot and fused glass supplies. Some of those products were ...
VENUE CHANGE; Downtown Sarasota Craft Fair Moves to the Intersection of Gulfstream Avenue & Main Street
fused wax & glass, hair accessories, handbags & accessories, handmade cards, leather, mosaic, wood, painted wood, plaster craft and stained glass The Downtown Sarasota Alliance hosts this popular event produced by American Craft Endeavors About American ...
Paint Your Own Pottery - Now at Objet d' Art Studios
INTRODUCING – Paint your own Pottery and Fused Glass at Objet d’Art Studios! We're so excited to be adding Paint Your Own Pottery and Fused Glass to our Studio offerings, along with the Canvas Painting and Stained ... supplies and bringing the tile ...
Parishioner creates stained-glass windows for Our Lady's Adoration Chapel of St. Peter's Catholic Church
Thanks to St. Peter's Catholic Church for sharing the story of the new stained glass windows dedicated May 4 in its Our Lady's Adoration Chapel. The five windows -- each 8 feet high by 33 inches wide -- were created over the past three years by ...